Rise of the Runelords

Coming back to Sandpoint

Rova 20th
We came back to Sandpoint in the evening two days prior to the Swallowtail festival. The first thing we needed was a bath and a good night’s sleep.

Rova 21th
We go to the temple and deliver the sacred flame to Father Zantus while telling him about our adventure. In return we get this magnificent bag, which apparantly can hold many things without getting heavy. So even though it is heavy in it self, it is really a nice bag.

Niko buys new equipment to replace the things that deteriorated in the dungeon due a little accident about moral.

We change inn tonight to the more popular inn called The Rusty Dragon which is owned by Ameiko. It is a very busy inn, especially before the big festival.

Rova 22th

The night of the fall equinox and the day of the big Swallowtail festival. The whole town is one giant party.

We go around and try out some of the events such as dragon racing and gobling throwing. With more or less luck.

When it becomes evening we go to the big cermony to witness the release of the swallotails. And not least the opening of the new temple.

Xxx was ill, so the big speech was delivered by yyy instead. It was a great speech, but it is very odd that xxx declined the speech. However, Ameiko seemed like that would be his kind of thing.

In the middle of the speech goblins attack from all angles. While people flee we instead draw our weapons and start slicing through the goblins before they manage to burn down Sandpoint… again.

Aldern Foxglove seemed in trouble while he was ”getting the guards” at least that was his official explanation. It seemed more like he was fleeing the town. However, we save him and he promise us a reward if we come to the Rusty Dragon Inn later on.

With the help of the city guard we get the town back in control. They even manage to capture some of the goblins alive. The prisoners talks about some secret mission, but they either lie well or don’t know more about it.



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