Rise of the Runelords

Frolicking in and around Sandpoint

Rova 23rd
At the Rusty Dragon, we got presents: a bouquet of flowers for Kara, a fine hammer for Dvalin. The sheriff invited Niko into the city watch, on account of his magnificent shooting skills. Niko bartered away a horsechopper that he looted found on the body of a vanquished goblin chieftain for a makeover of his chainmail and a new set of weapons. Aldern Foxglove presented us with 50 gp, along with an invitation for a wild boar hunt on the next day.
At Daviron’s house, we got a good look at his idea of urban house decoration, a comprehensive collection of goblin ears, which he claimed was far from complete.
Niko got caught in a romance plot, but managed to escape with all of his personal belongings intact.

Rova 24th
We came to blows with a bunch of skeletons (again) in Father Ezakions crypt, the latter having died in the Great Fire five years ago. Both skeletons and their weapons dissolved into thin air after their defeat. We found a black robe with some taint of magic and traces of oval pieces (cloth? metal? human hide?). Ezakion’s mortal remains are missing.
We rode to the Tickwood with Foxglove where we didn’t waste time killing a boar that happened to loiter around in our path.
Back at the Rusty Dragon, we got even more presents, some more flowers for Kara and strongwine for Dvalin. Why does nobody ever give presents to the party rogue?
While we were basking in roasted boar and filling the gaps with a huge cake, in walked Ameiko’s father and started to shower us with insults and spittle. He also shouted at Ameiko in some foreign tongue or other, and muttered to himself between breaths. Ameiko gave him the heavy end of a soup ladle and sent him out. Foxglove seemed to lose every interest in Kara and went up to his room.



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