Rise of the Runelords

Frolicking in and around Sandpoint, part 2

Reva 25th
It’s a cold and stormy morning. As we’r eating breakfast, a boy runs up to us and tells us that Captain Hemlock would like to see us at the town hall. There we find Hemlock, The mayor Kendra Deverin and a dirty and tired looking elven woman, Shalelu Andosana. Shalelu works for Hemlock and has information regarding the recent goblin attacks. She tells us of the 5 goblin tribes that live near Sandpoint, their quirks and the handful of goblin heroes that are their champions. Discussing the recent attack, we learn that the goblins were from several of the tribes and it would take something to unite the goblins, as they are usually prone to infighting. She does not know what triggered the attack however, or what secret the goblins were talking about, but we are informed about a bugbear named Brutasmus that might have information.
Hemlock asked us to patrol around the city for the next couple of days, as he would go to Magnimar to request more guards. We agreed, somewhat reluctantly, as we feel going on the offensive is better than waiting to be attacked again.
We ended the day with a patrol around town.

Reva 26th
We had plans to go to Junk Beach today, but the weather stayed cold and rainy all day. Only thing of interest was a middleaged noble that insulted us.

Reva 27th
The weather is better today and we decide to patrol around the town before going to the beach. A crying woman runs up to us, but we are unable to understand her through her sobs. We follow her to her house – a goblin had hidden under the floor during the attack and had killed her husband. As we arrive, it is in the middle of eating her sons face. We captured it and brought it to Daviron who questioned it for us, however it gave us little insight. Afterwards we went to Junk Beach where a couple of giant crabs attacked. After they were defeated, we cut off their claws and brought them to Ameiko to cook for dinner.

Reva 28th
We wake up to find Amiko missing. In her room, there is a note from her brother, asking her to meet at midnight at the glassworks. We immediately head to the glassworks outside of town.



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